Enjoy the finer things in life with luxury cashmere.

A collection that challenges the codes of cashmere by offering some revisited timeless pieces as well as pieces with a modern and original cut.

Be inspired by the spirit of the season. Discover the new arrivals from the ready-to-wear

Environmentally Friendly

Since we own every part of our own supply chain, we can control every aspect from how the goat lives to getting it combed and taking the hair and turning into a sweater.

We: Assess all our dyes to guarantee that they are good for the environment Ensure our production is non-toxic and safe for aquatic life.

Conduct external testing with independent third parties to meet international standards for non-toxicity for our products Constantly seek ways to make our operation better for the environment.

ethically treated

Simple. We probably make their sweaters too.

Citizen Cashmere is simply cutting out the middleman brands and selling the same product directly to you.

We are not burdened with stores, rents, expensive advertising, sales staff or the extra layer of profit and overhead that comes from a middleman brand.

Cashmere Citizen

100% Cashmere

Cloak yourself in this popular & often sold out luxury Zip Up Hoodie.
Sure to be your favorite weekend casual wear.
- Gun Metal Zipper with Logo Detail
- Tailored Cut & Fine 12-Gauge Knit
- Best Seller & Designed in Paris

100% Tibetan Yak Woll

SIMILAR IN many ways to cashmere ,yak is warm and light prized both for its softness and its durability.

It has almost the same performance as cashmere but a different story. Both the yak and the cashmere goat hail from the same mountain terrain on the Himalayas. The difference is the Yak lives at higher altitude and has developed an extremely thick and warm undercoat to resist to low temperature. Cashmere fiber is between 14.5 to 16 microns ,yak fiber averages between 19 to 20 microns. Yak fiber is much more stronger than cashmere has its limitation ,due in part to its thickness and the wool can only be minimally dyed resulting in limited and darker colors . While yak may rival cashmere for touchability it’s not as fluffy . More resistant , ticker fiber and a bit cheaper ,Tibetan yak wool is good alternative to cashmere for chunky sweater.


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